The Learning Centre

Because Every Child Flourishes With TLC

The Learning Centre in Ponsonby, also known as TLC, is a full day childcare centre, which provides the highest quality of care, with small group sizes, the best teacher to child ratios, and caring, dedicated and qualified teachers. In a villa in Ponsonby, the emphasis is on providing a homely, natural environment with healthy food, and genuinely caring caregiving. 

For more information about Resources for Infant Educarers organisation set up by Magda Gerber is also  a wonderful website about Magda Gerber and her work. 

Listen to RIE Associate Deborah Solomon explain the philosophy

For one of the leading Blogs about Magda Gerber's Educaring approach

Janet Lansbury is one of the leading bloggers about the RIE approach:


Check out our other venture, software which we have developed for TLC, and then made available for other early childhood services:

Childplan is a tool for early childhood service managers, that supports their governance and management. 

96 Vermont St, Ponsonby, Auckland.                                                              Phone: 09 376 6857