The Learning Centre

Because Every Child Flourishes With TLC

The Learning Centre in Ponsonby, also known as TLC, is a full day childcare centre, which provides the highest quality of care, with small group sizes, the best teacher to child ratios, and caring, dedicated and qualified teachers. In a villa in Ponsonby, the emphasis is on providing a homely, natural environment with healthy food, and genuinely caring caregiving. 

Education Review Office Report 2016:  TLC is VERY WELL PLACED to promote positive learning outcomes for children. It is our understanding that less than 5% of New Zealand's Childcare Centres get this rating. 

"Relationships between children and teachers are trusting, strong and nurturing. Teachers skilfully and deliberately encourage children to be confident leading their own learning in the programme. This respectful approach is supported through the calm and attentive conversations that teachers have with children"

96 Vermont St, Ponsonby, Auckland.                                                              Phone: 09 376 6857