The Learning Centre

Because Every Child Flourishes With TLC

The Learning Centre in Ponsonby, also known as TLC, is a full day childcare centre, which provides the highest quality of care, with small group sizes, the best teacher to child ratios, and caring, dedicated and qualified teachers. In a villa in Ponsonby, the emphasis is on providing a homely, natural environment with healthy food, and genuinely caring caregiving. 


TLC is a early childhood centre catering for children from three months until they go to school. 

TLC is a centre dedicated to the very highest quality of care, achieving this by having small group sizes, the best teacher to child ratios, and a fully qualified teaching team.  

TLC has a strong philosophy which focuses upon respectful and responsive relationships between teachers and children.  


Upstairs is our infant and toddler rooms, and has its own entrance and outdoor play space. While the whole centre is inspired by Magda Gerber's Educaring Approach, upstairs is particularly, and passionately so. 


Our Kaakano room is for infants from three months to around 18 months. We aim for a group size of 7 infants with two key caregivers. 


Our Weka room is for toddlers from 18 months to around 30 months. We aim for a group size of 8 toddlers with two key caregivers. 


Downstairs is a mixed age environment and has two whaanau groupings. 


Our Kea children are from two years and three months to around three years old. We aim for a group size of 8 to 10 children,  sometimes flexing up to 14 children, with a 1 to 5 ratio. 

Tui in a Kowhai Tree

Our Tui in a Kowhai Tree children are from three years until they go to school. We aim for a group size of around 22 children. 

A Natural Environment

TLC's location was chosen to provide a homely and natural environment with a big, natural outdoors, surrounded by Vermont Street reserve. This value extends to the types of resources we choose (mostly wooden, heuristic and natural resources) to our food which is home cooked, healthy, as organic as we can make it, and sometimes even grown at TLC!

For example the menu for week commencing 20th March 2017 is: 

Monday: Five spice pork balls/falafels with rice
Afternoon tea: Coconut cakes
Tuesday: Dahl soup with garlic bread
Afternoon tea: Guacamole with corn thins
Wednesday: Make your own ham/egg sandwiches
Afternoon tea: Corn fritters
Thursday: Sweet and sour tofu
Afternoon tea: Apple pie bliss bars
Friday: Hoki cauliflower cakes
Afternoon tea: Peach,nectarine ice cream

Community Involvement

We are blessed with a wonderful community at TLC. We have a parent voice committee which meets every month, to advise us with our communications, and who also plan our fun social events. 

We use an on-line portfolio system called Educa which can be accessed by the whole whaanau here and abroad, which also has a great notice board where we let the community know what is happening at TLC. 

96 Vermont St, Ponsonby, Auckland.                                                              Phone: 09 376 6857