The Learning Centre

Because Every Child Flourishes With TLC

The Learning Centre in Ponsonby, also known as TLC, is a full day childcare centre, which provides the highest quality of care, with small group sizes, the best teacher to child ratios, and caring, dedicated and qualified teachers. In a villa in Ponsonby, the emphasis is on providing a homely, natural environment with healthy food, and genuinely caring caregiving. 

Step 1: 

If you have not yet done so, we recommend you come on a tour of TLC to make sure that our Philosophy is a good fit with your parenting values. To book a tour, please complete our enquiry form or phone 09 376-6857.

We only do tours on Friday morning to minimise disruption to our children. Tours typically take half an hour, depending upon how many questions you have. 

Step 2: 

Please complete and return the enrolment form: 

Enrolment Form

You can deliver the enrolment form to: 96 Vermont Street, Ponsonby, Auckland, please ask for our Administrator Amy.

Or you can post it to: The Learning Centre, P O Box 47755, Ponsonby, Auckland, 1010. 

Or, you can email it to:

Step 3: 

In order for your enrolment to be processed we require a bond of $250.00 paid to 02-0404-0261186-000 quoting your child's name in the reference. 

If you child takes up a place at TLC, then this bond is refunded, when they leave. If we are not able to offer you a place, then this bond is refunded. If we offer you a place, but you decide not to take it up, then the bond is non-refundable. The purpose of the bond, is to focus our efforts for forecasting and transition planning upon children who will actually attend the centre.

Step 4:

Once you have returned the enrolment form, and paid the bond, we will provide you a receipt, and either confirm your child's planned start date, or whether your child has been wait listed. If your child has been wait listed, we will let you know when a place is likely to be next available.

Step 5:

Before your child's official start date, your child's key teacher will be in touch to arrange settling visits. Settling visits are where you, or another primary caregiver, attends TLC with the child. For infants and toddlers we require a mandatory minimum of five settling visits (ideally including at least one sleep, and one meal). For children two and a half and over, we require three settling visits.

Your child's key teacher will liaise with you during the settling process, to adapt the settling visits to fit with your child's individual progress and needs.


96 Vermont St, Ponsonby, Auckland.                                                              Phone: 09 376 6857